A trading account can take up to 24 hours to be approved and opened once the client has completed our three step registration process and uploaded their documents. The status of the application can be checked via the client portal under "My account".

We require proof of identity and proof of residence:

  • For proof of identity, we require a passport, national identity card or other document issued by an independent and reliable source that carries your photo. The photo, signature, issue & expiry dates, personal details including serial number must be clearly visible.
  • For proof of address, we require a recent utility bill (Water/Electricity bill) or a recent bank statement dated within the last six months. Please note that online statements/mobile phone bills are not accepted.

We ask for this information to ensure that the products you wish to trade are appropriate for your profile. This ensures we are compliant with the requirements of the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID).

Clients may request to change the leverage on their account by clicking on My Account tab-> 'Change account info' in the client portal. They can choose the account that they want the changes to apply to and amend the leverage. In order for the leverage to be changed, the account should not have any open positions.

Clients can use our proprietary web-based platform or they can download our trading platform via the website. Simply click on the trading platform link for more information: http://www.argusfx.com/platforms

An additional account can be opened via the client's portal. Click on my account then "open sub-account. Then choose the account type, currency base and leverage.

Swap Free accounts are only eligible for clients of Islamic faith, proven by their Identification documents. If a client is eligible, they will need to contact their Account Manager or send an e-mail to backoffice@ArgusFX.com and not have any positions open. Swap-free is available for one ( 1) calendar week.

Internal transfers can be made from one account to another , this can be done via the Client's portal. Click on' Deposit/Withdraw' tab and select 'Transfer'. Choose the respective accounts and the amounts, and then Submit.

Clients should click on the password recovery button in the client portal. Then enter their account number and email address, click submit to reset.

ArgusFX segregates client accounts to ensure that these funds are fully separated from ArgusFX's own funds at all times. Client accounts are coded to ensure that they are used for clients' funding purposes. All client funds deposited at ArgusFX are completely separated following our strict policies and procedures, with compliance monitored and reviewed by our external and internal auditors.

Deposits are be made via the Client's portal. Methods can be chosen by clicking on the 'Deposit/Withdraw' tab and then 'Deposit Funds'. Please note that deposits can take up to 24hrs to be processed depending on the method used. Bank Wire transfers can take up to 3 working days depending on the bank. 

The Argus FX Client's Portal allows deposits and withdrawals using a simple, easy-to-use single interface.  Argus FX does not accept cash deposits. However, we offer a number of alternative reliable methods for account funding. Please click on our funding link for more information http://www.argusfx.com/funding-account

Clients can deposit funds in any of our 3 base currencies: USD, EUR, PLN. If funds are transferred in a currency different than your base currency account, then it will be converted into the base currency of your trading account by us at the prevailing rate at the given time. 

Clients may withdraw funds if they have open positions provided the free margin exceeds the amount requested to be withdrawn including all payment charges.

ArgusFX transaction fees depend on the payment method you use. In the case of currency conversion, relevant rates apply. For further details please visit the following link.

Transaction Fees.

We are unable to provide information on any charges levied by banks or payment providers who may charge fees.

The minimum amount required is two hundred United States Dollars or equivalent.

ArgusFX offers a Negative Balance Protection Facility. This facility means that any negative balances are covered by the company.

Trading hours are from 00:00 Monday until 23.00 Friday. Trading hours are GMT+2 (GMT+3 during daylight saving/summer time (DST)).

Charts show the bid price by default. A buy position is opened at the ask (or offer) price and closed at the bid price. The difference between bid and ask is the spread. Therefore the difference between the price on the chat and the price on the trading terminal is the spread.

This message is displayed when the platform is given an instruction before it completes and earlier or existing task. This can happen in cases where there has been multiple mouse click or a hyperactive expert adviser

Yes. However such functionalities are executed completely under the clients responsibility as they depend directly upon the client trading terminal.

The balance of a clients account denotes closed positions. Equity is the real time calculation of available funds taking into account closed positions and the profit/loss on open positions.      

The margin level is the percentage of equity vs. used margin. Once this reaches 100% then a margin call is triggered. If the margin level falls below the margin call level, a stop out is triggered on open positions starting with the least profitable.

In the case of a pro account, the currency pairs have the word pro added. The PRO symbols provide better spreads for PRO Account holders. If they are not visible, right click and select "show all" for them to be displayed.

Sell (Short) positions are closed using the ask (buy) price. Charts, by default, use the sell (bid) price which is lower that the ask (buy price). The difference being the spread. To add the Ask price level to the chart , simply right click in the preferable chart then select "Properties" and click on the "Common" tab .From there you can select the "Show Ask Line" box and then click "OK".

A pip is considered when quoting to four decimal places (e.g. 1.5255). ArgusFX quote to five decimal places (e.g.1.52555). Therefore a two-way quote of 1.52550/1.52560 is one pip not ten pips in standard market practice.

Transactions on the Forex market are made on Spot terms. It means that all the deals are made with the actual delivery of the currency the next workday after their execution. However, there is no need for the real delivery of the currency in case of speculative trading (speculative trading is actually something that you are about to start). If you execute order during one workday, the delivery is canceled. It does not cause any problems. But what if you have to leave your order open for more than one day?

The operation of the rollover of the position which is called Swap has been created for this purpose. The basis of this operation is that you need to "close" the order and reopen it at the close price. At the same time, funds that are equal to the swap size are deducted from or added to your account. The swap size depends on the interest rates of the Central Banks and the range of other factors. Because the interest rate is set by the Central Bank of each country, this leads to a situation wherein the difference between the interest rates of various currencies may be quite considerable. The calculation of the swap rate is carried out in the view of this difference.

Swap is calculated automatically in the end of every trading day. For Wednesday to Thursday rollover, swap is deducted/added in a triple size (for Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday). In the MetaTrader 4 trading platform you can see all the current swap rates of every currency pair (to do this, right click and choose "Symbols" in the "Market Watch". Choose the currency pair you need in the appeared window and click the "Properties" button. Swap rates of long and short positions are displayed in points).


ArgusFX is operating under the Pure STP  execution of orders system. The client orders are set in a queue under the Transparent Liquidity Interbank pool and are executed always at the next best available price matching the declared direction, volume and price. Orders are transmitted to Global interbank liquidity pool for execution directly and without pause at ArgusFX.

  • Connection Error - Make sure that the internet connection is sufficient, antivirus or firewall issues are not blocking the connection and the latest version of the ArgusFX MT4 platform is installed
  • Invalid Account Error - Ensure that login credentials are entered correctly. Passwords are case sensitive

Any login issues can also be cleared up by a call to our support desk.

To change an Mt4 password, click on tools > options > change next to the password tab. Enter the current password, then the new password > OK. The password can also be changed via client portal. Click on my account > change password and amend per your preferences. This will change both passwords. Changing the MT4 password from the platform applies the changes to the platform only.

An email will need to be sent to backoffice@argusFX.com specifying the account number, requesting a new password.

After logging in to the MT4 platform you will need to follow the below path: File->Open Data Folder-> MQL4 then open the respective folder Expert Advisers, Indicators, Scripts and use the drag-and-drop or copy-paste functions to add your preferred tools. Then close the ArgusFX MT4 platform and re-open it. You will be able to find your imported trading tools under Navigator window. 

One of the fastest growing investment arenas in the world is the foreign exchange market. The foreign exchange market is often referred to as 'FOREX', 'FX', 'Spot FX' or plainly 'Spot' and it is by far the largest financial market in the world, with over $5.3 trillion average daily volume.

It operates usually through an interbank system in which individuals, firms and financial institutions purchase one currency against another. It consists of so many participants that no single trader or investor, not even a large government, can completely control the long-term direction of the market. Therefore, many experts have named Forex Market as the top trading field around the globe.

Due to the advances in technology and the internet in particular, more people are trading online by simply downloading easy to use platforms on their personal computers, mobile devices etc. Just to get an idea of the sheer size of the Forex market, the New York Stock exchange has a daily volume of $25 billion per day and all stocks and futures markets combined only mount up to a third of the daily Forex market.

Everyone refers to the U.S. dollar. But what does it really refer to when a trader considers action? The U.S. dollar can be an instrument for trading through the U.S. Dollar Index (USDX) traded on the New York Board of Trade. The USDX is recognized by hedge fund traders and worldwide as the instrument reflecting sentiment on the U.S. dollar. An additional way to trade the dollar is through any of the major currency pairs. The EUR/USD, the USD/CHF and other pairs with the dollar as part of the pair allows a trader to trade for or against the dollar but relative to the other pair.

Leverage is the artificial increase of purchasing power. Leverage is a powerful tool for currency traders. It can be defined in many different ways. Leverage is the ability to gear your account into a position greater than your total account margin or it is the % amount of money you are allowed to borrow from the broker when you open a position. In simple words, traders can open bigger positions with less money required as guarantee. When a trading account has leverage up to 1:500, it means that the trader can open a position 500 times his/her money. Maximum amount of leverage can be expressed as Available line or Available equity, too. The higher the leverage the fewer margins required to invest.

It is the necessary amount to have into your trading account in order to open relevant transaction. Leveraging a position involves putting down collateral, known as margin, to take on a position that is larger in value. Margin is the amount of money required to exist in the trading account in order to open or maintain a position. It is deposited as collateral to cover any prospective losses. Used Margin is the amount used in order to maintain an open position.

Free Margin is the available amount of money, which can be used to open new positions. If a trader's account falls below the minimum amount required maintaining an open position, he/she will receive a Margin Call. At this point, the trader has two options, either deposit more money into the trading account or close the open positions. Margin is the deposit or the collateral required to open or maintain a position, whereas free margin is the amount available to open new positions. Margin always is expressed as percentage. The higher the leverage the fewer margins required to invest.


Account leverage, 1:50, is the same as investing 2% of the contract value.

Account leverage, 1:400, is the same as investing 0.25% of the contract value.

The relationship between margin and leverage can be summarized by the following two formulas:

Margin = 1/Leverage or 1: Leverage

Leverage = 1/Margin = 100/Margin Percentage

Margin Requirement for Forex = (Quantity of Lots x Lot Size) /Leverage

For example, let's take a trader with $2,000 in his account.

Our trader buys 1 lot of EURUSD at a price of 1.3500 with the 100:1 maximum leverage. His margin requirement is 1,000 Euros, converted to account currency the Margin requirements is $1,350. If the position makes money, the gains are added to the equity in the traders account. Likewise if the position goes against the trader the losses are subtracted from the account's total equity.

If the price moves 100 pips in the trader's favour, then the trader would make a $1000 profit (at almost $10 per pip x 100 pips). The trader has effectively made a 50% return on his $2,000 account. Conversely if the position had gone at least 75 pips against the trader, his position would have been closed due to a margin call when his account equity dropped below his 1,000 Euros margin requirement (= the Margin call level differs among the brokers). The trader would have a loss of approximately $750.

If a trader's account doesn't have enough money to support the trades that are open, he will receive a margin call. A trader will receive a margin call when the level of his equity dropped to 50% of his margin requirement. The trader has two options in that case, to make a new deposit in order to keep open his positions or to close his positions.

Every market has a spread and so does Forex. A spread is simply defined as the price difference between where a trader may purchase or sell an underlying asset. The price, which is the one you can buy a currency pair (the "Ask" price), is usually higher than the price at which you can sell a currency pair (the "Bid" price).A spread is the difference between the Ask price and the Bid price quoted in pips.  It is important to remember that spreads are variable meaning they will not always remain the same and will change sporadically. These changes are based off of liquidity, which may differ based off of market conditions and upcoming economic data. 

If the quote between EUR/USD at a given moment is 1.0640/2, then the spread is 2 pips. If the quote is 1.06405/20, then the spread is 1.5 pips.

Pip is used to calculate the fluctuation of a forex pair as well as your profit and loss in points. A Percentage in Point (pip) = 0.0001 (or 0.01 in Japanese Yen) is the smallest measure of price move used in Forex trading.

To calculate the value of one pip in a position you multiply the position size times 0.0001 (a pip) and you get the value of the pip in the term (second) currency. Then you can convert that value to your base currency.

Example is given for a standard lot of 100,000 EURUSD position.

100,000 * 0.0001 = 10 USD

For your convenience, all currencies with USD as "quote" currency have 10 USD value per pip in a lot. The others need a conversion regarding the accuracy of their pip value per lot.

Lot is the way to measure the position size or the volume of a trade. A standard lot in Forex is equal to 100,000 base units. For example, when a trader wants to open a 100,000 position at EURUSD is the same as buying 100,000 EUR and selling the relevant converted amount in USD.

The lot size is important to specify the performance, gained or lost, from each pip.

A standard lot size (= 100,000) causes an approximately $10 per pip gain or loss.

A mini lot size (= 10,000) causes an approximately $1 per pip gain or loss.

A micro lot size (= 1,000) causes an approximately $0, 1 per pip gain or loss.

Pairs with USD as a quote currency, like GBPUSD and EURUSD, have a fixed $10 per pip value at a standard lot position.

A position at a pair without USD as a quote has to be converted appropriately.

Usually, trading platforms are doing it automatically.

It's the interest added or deducted for holding a position open overnight. Its calculation is based on the overnight interest rate differential between the two traded currencies. It can be charged either in account currency directly or as swap points.

When a trader opens a buy (long) position, the Ask price is used. When a trader opens a sell (short) position, the Bid price is used.

When the trader wants to close the buy position, the Bid price will be used. When a trader wants to close the sell position, the Ask price will be used.

Short positions are taken when a trader sells currency in anticipation of a downturn in price. Making this move allows the investor to benefit from a decline. When we go short it means we are selling at the market price and so we want the price to fall so that we can then buy back our position at a lower price than what we sold it for.

Long positions are taken when a trader buys a currency at a low price in anticipation of selling it later for more. When we go long it means we are buying at the market price and so we want the price to rise so that we can then sell back our position at a higher price than what we bought it for. Making these moves allows the investor to benefit from changing market prices.

There are 2 ways to open a trade. You can either enter a Market/Instant Order or an Entry/Pending Order.

A Market Order/ Instant Order is a trade that will be opened immediately at the rate you select by clicking Buy or Sell. A market order is an order to buy or sell a specific currency, which is to be filled immediately at the currently quoted exchange rate. Market order trades are generally filled instantly in order to avoid hanging trades or delays.An Entry Order / Limit Order/ Future limit order is a trade that you choose to open at a rate in the future. You enter your details the same as you would for a Market Order but instead of opening the trade now you enter the rate you want it to open at in the future.

It is a type of order to be executed in the future, like:

Buy Stop

Stop buy orders are useful when the investor believes e.g. with the help of technical or fundamental analysis that if the market reaches a certain level price which is above the current levels then it will go further up.

With this type of order the investor places a stop buy on EURUSD at 1.4000 (currently say trading at 1.3800). Once the market hits 1.4000 the order is activated and the investor goes long EURUSD.

The investor will profit if the market price for EURUSD continues to go up.


Suppose you are looking to buy 1 Lot of EURUSD if the price shows that it wants to go up. Assume EURUSD is currently trading at 1.3880 and you believe that if the price rises to 1.4000 or higher there will be continued upward momentum. You place a Buy Stop Order @ 1.4000 on EURUSD.Suppose EURUSD then proceeds to trade up to 1.4000. At that time, your order would become a Market Order to buy and your order would be filled at the market.

Sell Stop

Stop sell orders are useful when the investor believes e.g. with the help of technical or fundamental analysis that if the market reaches a certain level price which is below the current levels then it will go further down.With this type of order the investor places a stop sell on EURUSD at 1.3300 (currently say trading at 1.3500). Once the market hits 1.3300 the order is activated and the investor goes short EURUSD.

The investor will profit if the market price for EURUSD continues to go down.


Suppose you want to sell 1 Lot of EURUSD and you are worried that if the price falls a few more dollars that it will trigger the beginning of a much larger decline. Assume EURUSD is currently trading at 1.3850.You place a Sell Stop Order @ 1.3800 on EURUSD. Suppose EURUSD then proceeds to trade down to 1.3800. At that time, your order would become a Market Order to sell and your order would be filled at the market price.

Buy Limit

Limit buy orders are useful when the investor believes e.g. with the help of technical or fundamental analysis that if the market reaches a certain level price which is below the current levels then it will turn to go up.

With this type of order the investor places a limit buy on EURUSD at 1.3500 (currently say trading at 1.3600). Once the market hits 1.3500 the order is activated and the investor goes long EURUSD.

The investor will profit if the market price for EURUSD goes back up again.


Suppose you want to Buy 1 Lot of EURUSD, and it is currently trading at 1.3700. You would like to buy the EURUSD if the price drops to 1.3600 or less, as you feel the EURUSD current price of 1.3700 is slightly overvalued.

You place a Buy Limit Order @ 1.3600 on 1 Lot of EURUSD. Now suppose the price trades down to 1.3600 then your order would then be bought at the market price.

Sell Limit

Limit sell orders are useful when the investor believes e.g. with the help of technical or fundamental analysis that if the market reaches a certain level price which is above the current levels then it will turn to go down.

With this type of order the investor places a limit sell on EURUSD at 1.3800 (currently say trading at 1.3750). Once the market hits 1.3800 the order is activated and the investor goes short EURUSD.

The investor will profit if the market price for EURUSD goes back down again.


Suppose you want to sell 1 Lot of EURUSD, and it is currently trading at 1.3800. You would like to sell the EURUSD and take your profits if the EURUSD price reaches 1.3850, as you feel the EURUSD price is not going to go much higher than 1.3850.

You place a Sell Limit Order @ 1.3850 on EURUSD. Now suppose the price trades up to 1.3850 then your order would then be sold at the market price.

ArgusFX war bis jetzt ein eingetragener Markenname von Argus Stockbrokers Ltd - einem Finanzdienstleistungsunternehmen, das seit 2003 von CySEC unter der CIF-Lizenznummer 010/03 zugelassen und reguliert ist.

Das Unternehmen befindet sich in einem Übergangsstadium, da die Online-Handelsabteilung der Argus Stockbrokers Ltd ein Entwicklungsniveau erreicht hat, das unabhängige Lizenzierung, einen ausgefeilten Fokus, erweiterte Fähigkeiten und einen bedeutenden Zustrom von Investitionen garantiert, die das Unternehmen gezielt vorantreiben und seine Entwicklung in wichtigen Märkten deutlich beschleunigen werden.

Enorme Wachstumschancen bestehen in den Märkten, in denen sowohl Argus Stockbrokers Ltd als auch ArgusFX Ltd tätig sind. Erst nach sehr vorsichtiger und sorgfältiger Überlegung wurde die Entscheidung getroffen, die beiden zu trennen, weil man zu dem Schluss kam, dass dies die Unternehmen ohne Zweifel am besten positionieren würde. Chancen in ihren jeweiligen Märkten zu nutzen.

Der Übergang ist einfach der Prozess der Übertragung aller Elemente im Zusammenhang mit der Online-Handelssparte von Argus Stockbrokers Ltd an die neu lizenzierte Einheit.

Nein, ArgusFX wurde nicht von einem anderen Unternehmen übernommen. Das gleiche Team wird das Unternehmen weiter vorantreiben, aber ArgusFX Ltd wird nun, anstatt eine Division und ein Handelsname unter Argus Stockbrokers Ltd zu sein, eine unabhängige Einheit sein.

ArgusFX wird nicht von Argus Stockbrokers gehalten, aber der Großteil der Aktienbesitzstruktur gehört denselben Aktionären, die Argus Stockbrokers gegründet haben und immer noch besitzen.

Die beiden Unternehmen werden eng zusammenarbeiten und wo möglich Synergien im Marktsegment nutzen.

In den wettbewerbsintensiven und dynamischen Landschaften, in denen sowohl Argus Stockbrokers Ltd als auch ArgusFX Ltd tätig sind, gibt es enormes Wachstumspotenzial. Erst nach sehr sorgfältiger und sorgfältiger Überlegung wurde die Entscheidung getroffen, die beiden voneinander zu trennen, da würde die Unternehmen am besten positionieren, um die Chancen in ihren jeweiligen Märkten zu nutzen.

Insbesondere wird ArgusFX ausgegliedert, weil die Online-Handelsabteilung von Argus Stockbrokers ein Entwicklungsniveau erreicht hat, auf dem sie ihre Entwicklung in wichtigen Märkten als separate Einheit exponentiell beschleunigen könnte.

Als unabhängig lizenziertes Unternehmen wird Argus FX folgende Vorteile genießen:

1. Strategisch geschärfter Fokus

2. Erweiterte Fähigkeiten

3. Signifikanter Zustrom von Investitionen

Das neu lizenzierte Unternehmen wird weiterhin ein echter STP-Broker sein, der Zugang zu Interbank-Liquidität bietet und Online-Handelsdienstleistungen in Devisen, Edelmetallen, CFD-Instrumenten auf Indizes, Rohstoffen, Treasuries, Öl und bald auch Aktien anbietet.


Die Verschärfung der strategischen Ausrichtung des Unternehmens und die geplante Erweiterung der Fähigkeiten, die jedes Element des Geschäfts in Übereinstimmung mit den Bedürfnissen des Marktes ausrichten wird, führt zu einer Reihe von Verbesserungen entlang aller Aspekte der Marke. Die Gründung des neuen ArgusFX sieht auch eine Neueinführung strategischer Investitionen vor, wobei große Entwicklungen in der Pipeline für das Unternehmen zu erwarten sind.

Das neu lizenzierte Unternehmen wird weiterhin ein echter STP-Broker sein, der Zugang zu Interbankliquidität bietet und Online-Handelsdienstleistungen in Devisen, Edelmetallen, CFD-Instrumenten auf Indizes, Rohstoffen, Treasuries, Öl und bald auch Aktien anbietet, ohne dass sich seine Spreads ändern. , Handelsbedingungen, Produkte, Werkzeuge oder Dienstleistungen.

Sie sind nicht verpflichtet, Ihr Konto auf die neu lizenzierte ArgusFX Ltd. zu übertragen. Die Übertragung Ihres Kontos an das neue Unternehmen bleibt vollständig Ihre Entscheidung und wir unterstützen Sie von dem Moment an, in dem Sie Ihre Konten bei ArgusFX unter seiner neuen Lizenz anmelden und für die gesamte Dauer der Umstellung, um sicherzustellen, dass es so klar, reibungslos und mühelos wie möglich für Sie ist.

Sollten Sie sich entscheiden, Ihr Konto nicht zu übertragen, müssen Sie ArgusFX per E-Mail gemäß den Anweisungen benachrichtigen, die Sie in unserer Benachrichtigung über die Übertragung erhalten haben. Sobald das Unternehmen eine E-Mail von Ihnen erhalten hat, dass Sie nicht möchten, dass Ihr Konto übertragen wird, wird Ihr Konto zum Stichtag vom Unternehmen geschlossen.

Wir werden Sie durch eine nachträgliche E-Mail-Benachrichtigung mit den Allgemeinen Geschäftsbedingungen von ArgusFX Ltd (das sind die gleichen wie die aktuellen, die Sie unter Argus Stockbrokers Ltd akzeptiert haben) versorgen. Obwohl die AGB genau gleich sind, sollten Sie die Bedingungen noch lesen und verstehen, bevor Sie sie akzeptieren. Alles, was Sie tun müssen, ist die Schaltfläche "Akzeptieren" anklicken. Mit Ihrer Zustimmung / Annahme werden Ihre Konten automatisch auf die neu lizenzierte ArgusFX übertragen. Alle relevanten Details werden in die nachfolgende E-Mail-Benachrichtigung aufgenommen.

Das Unternehmen wird sich bemühen, Sie mehrmals zu benachrichtigen und Sie an den bevorstehenden Stichtag zu erinnern. Wenn Sie keine E-Mail senden, in der Sie erklären, dass Sie Ihre Konten nicht übertragen möchten, behält sich das Unternehmen das Recht vor, dies als Annahme der Bedingungen zu betrachten. Ihre Konten werden dann automatisch an ArgusFX übertragen.

Offene Positionen bleiben während der Übertragung offen. An den Handelsbedingungen ändert sich nichts, und die Kunden können ihre normalen Handelsaktivitäten fortsetzen.

Ihre Kontakte im Unternehmen bleiben in allen Aspekten und über alle Abteilungen hinweg gleich; Telefonnummern und E-Mails bleiben gleich. Support line: +357 25347750 und E-Mail: support@argusfx.com bleiben ebenfalls gleich und Sie können uns gerne direkt kontaktieren, wenn Sie Fragen oder Klärungen benötigen.

Nein überhaupt nicht. Das Qualitätsniveau unserer Produkte und Dienstleistungen und der Integritätsstandard, nach dem wir unser Geschäft betreiben, haben sich nicht geändert und werden sich auch nicht ändern. Unser oberstes Ziel ist es, unermüdlich außergewöhnlichen Kundenservice und Kundenzufriedenheit in unseren weitreichenden Produkten zu verfolgen. Dabei bauen wir stets auf marktführenden Preisen und modernsten Risikomanagement- und Trading-Tools auf. Der Übergang wird sich nicht negativ auswirken, sondern im Gegenteil einen sehr positiven Effekt haben. Die Schaffung eines unabhängigen ArgusFX wird im Rahmen seiner neu geschärften Strategie die Stärkung aller unserer Produkte, die Verbesserung aller unserer Dienstleistungen und die Erweiterung aller Werkzeuge und Unterstützungen, die wir jetzt unter unserer neu gefundenen Fähigkeiten und Stärken entwickeln.

Mit der Schaffung eines unabhängigen lizenzierten ArgusFX werden wir nichts ändern, was bis jetzt erstellt wurde; Wir werden unser Angebot und unseren Service für Partner und Kunden weiter ausbauen und erweitern. Diese Entwicklungen werden im Laufe des Jahres ausgerollt. Dazu gehören eine deutliche Verbesserung der Markenbildung und der anschließenden Partnerunterstützung sowie die Entwicklung kundenorientierter Initiativen, die im Kern die Interaktion des Kunden mit dem Unternehmen, aber auch die gesamte Handelsumgebung und Erfahrung des Kunde verbessern

Nein, die Werte des Unternehmens haben sich nicht geändert. In der Tat wurde Argus Stockbrokers auf den Werten und dem Auftrag gegründet, innovative Produkte und erstklassigen Service zu liefern - es ist mit den gleichen Werten und in der gleichen Mission, die ArgusFX, zuerst als eine Abteilung und jetzt als eine getrennte Entität, in seiner Verpflichtung fortsetzt Ihnen Lösungen und wertschöpfende Services, Tools und Ressourcen liefern, die eine optimale Handelserfahrung versprechen. Unsere Lösungen werden weiterhin auf unserem konservativen Ansatz basieren, der strenge Risikomanagement-Regeln beachtet und die strengsten regulatorischen Verfahren einhält.


Die Schaffung eines unabhängigen ArgusFX wird für alle unsere Partner im Rahmen ihrer Bemühungen, das Unternehmen vorzustellen und in dieser Hinsicht das Geschäft in lokalen Märkten zu entwickeln, viele Vorteile bringen.

Eine der wichtigsten Entwicklungen für das Unternehmen ist die Schaffung eines eigenen Inhouse-Marketingteams, das eine Reihe von Werkzeugen und Materialien sorgfältig und gründlich entwickeln wird; Standardmaterialien, aber auch nach den Bedürfnissen der Partner. Das Niveau der Support- und Marketingmaterialien, das den Partnern im Laufe des Jahres zur Verfügung stehen wird, wird exponentiell zunehmen und die neue Grundlage schaffen, auf der das Unternehmen weiter expandieren und wachsen wird.

Die Entwicklungen erstrecken sich auf Verbesserungen und Ergänzungen der gesamten Kundenprodukte und -dienste; in Bezug auf Handelsumgebungen, Tools für Marktanalysen und Signale, Lehrmaterialien, Ressourcen und Umgebungen und vieles mehr, die bekannt gegeben werden, sobald sie verfügbar sind. In der Pipeline enthalten wir verstärktes Direktmarkenmarketing in Schlüsselmärkten für die Weiterentwicklung von Wahrnehmung und Präferenz von ArgusFX unter anderen Finanzmarken.

Als geschätzte Partner werden wir Sie bei jedem Schritt auf dem Laufenden halten, da wir nicht nur das Wachstum fortsetzen, das wir gemeinsam genossen haben, sondern jetzt noch größere Fortschritte in Bezug auf Fortschritte und globale Expansion machen.

Die Schaffung eines unabhängigen ArgusFX ist ein Indiz für unser langfristiges Versprechen und unser Engagement, unsere Mission, erstklassige Dienstleistungen anzubieten, um Ihre Handelsumgebung zu verbessern und Sie in die Lage zu versetzen, klug und erfolgreich zu handeln, weiterhin nachhaltig zu unterstützen.

Unsere Pipeline-Entwicklungen umfassen Ergänzungen zu Gesamtprodukten und -dienstleistungen. in Bezug auf Handelsumgebungen, Tools für Marktanalysen und Signale, Lehrmaterialien, Ressourcen und Umgebungen und vieles mehr, die bekannt gegeben werden, sobald sie verfügbar sind. Die Entwicklungen werden Hand in Hand gehen mit der weiteren Digitalisierung des Kerngeschäfts und Verbesserungen in Bezug auf wichtige Plattformen und Schnittstellen für Kunden. dies führt im Grunde zu einer erhöhten Benutzerfreundlichkeit über die den Kunden zur Verfügung stehenden Unternehmensplattformen (d.h. das ArgusFX Client Portal und die Argonaut Investment Platform).

Wir werden zu jeder Zeit auf unserem reichen Erbe an Exzellenz und Innovation aufbauen und unseren konsequenten Fokus auf konservative Lösungen für unsere Einzelhandelskunden legen.

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