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China's new home prices and the real estate market2017-01-18

China's new home prices and the real estate market

China's new home prices climbed at the fastest pace last year, since 2011, upon fears of probable disastrous economic consequences. The Chinese government, back in 2016, was focusing on its real estate market.

Euro zone's CPI at 1.1%2017-01-18

Euro zone's CPI at 1.1%

Euro zone's consumer price inflation remained at 1.1% and met the predictions. The euro region's core consumer price inflation stabilized at 0.9% and matched the economists' and the analysts' forecasts.

Australia's home loans to 0.9%2017-01-17

Australia's home loans to 0.9%

Australia's home loans climbed from -0.8% to 0.9%. The economists predicted 0.9% appreciation. U.K's core consumer price inflation rose from 1.4% to 1.6%. The analysts estimated the nation's core CPI to escalate to 1.5%.

Sterling trades weaker ahead of May's speech2017-01-16

Sterling trades weaker ahead of May's speech

The sterling approached its lowest zone today, ahead of Theresa May's, U.K's Prime Minister, speech, tomorrow Tuesday, where she will be outlining Britain's smooth exit plan from the EU.

China's trade balance to 40.82B2017-01-13

China's trade balance to 40.82B

China's trade balance dropped from 44.61B to 40.82B. The economists and the analysts predicted the nation's TB to appreciate to 46.50B. Germany's wholesale price index climbed from 0.1% to 1.2%. 

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