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Andri Tringidou


Andri is a holder of a Bachelor of Science in Economics from the University of Cyprus, Professionally Competent (Ministry of Finance Cyprus) in the Reception and Transmission of orders, and in the Provision of Advice in financial instruments. She is also the Supervisor of the Underwriting section, the Sponsoring of Issues, the Dealing in Financial Instruments for own Account, and the Customer Portfolio Management sections.

Mrs. Tringidou is a Licensed Stock Market Representative (Hellenic Capital Market Commission – Greece) for the Execution of transactions in financial instruments. Being accredited, from the Cyprus Institute of Technology, as a Business Consultant, she has also acquired the Consulting Practice Specialization in General Management and Financial Management.

As the CEO, shareholder, Managing Director, and founder of ARGUS Stockbrokers Ltd in 2000, along with her previous involvement with AAA United Stockbrokers (Member of the Cyprus Stock Exchange), and Stocknomics Consultants Ltd (Member of BKR Damianou & Co) makes her portfolio broader.

Charalambos Michaelides

Director Head of Forex

Charalambos is a Partner and Director of ARGUS Stockbrokers Ltd that is the licensed and CySEC regulated Investment firm of the ARGUS Group. He is a holder of a BSc degree from the Hellenic Military Academy of Athens, Greece, with Masters degree in Investment Management from Cass Business School, London U.K, and licensed by the Ministry of Finance as a Qualified Portfolio Manager.

Mr. Michaelides served key positions in the National Guard of the republic before joining the Greek Bank subsidiary in Cyprus as the head of the dealing room and the newly created derivatives desk. Actively involved in the Asset Management department, he is managing assets worth over 100 million euros.

Due to his trading experience in complicated derivative products, he is responsible for the in-house building and development of algorithmic strategies for the worldwide exchanges, including forex, commodities, and equities. He is also actively involved in both, the execution side of investment strategies and the promotional / business development of the Group.

Through his managerial positions and entrepreneurial activity, he has acquired a significant business knowledge and specialized competencies and skills within the Financial Investment sector.

Christoforos Antoniades

Group Director

Christoforos is a Partner and Executive Director in the ARGUS Group that offers specialized investment services to international and local institutions, and individuals. ARGUS runs innovative operations, including hedge funds involved in algorithmic trading using proprietary models. Its core activities include global execution & asset management, corporate finance, private equity and consulting services.

His 23 years of experience in investment management, investment banking, and corporate finance fields, through his involvement in various international and local financial institutions as manager, dept head, director or as investor and partner, makes his contribution exceptional.

Through his managerial positions and entrepreneurial activity, he acquired significant business knowledge, specialized competencies and skills, especially in the investment sector.

During his career, he has been actively involved in the assessment, evaluation & raising of capital for various projects and companies from startups to developed businesses, providing investment advice and serving as a member of their Board. He was involved in the managerial, financial, and business development affairs of various organizations and funds whom himself has developed.

Christoforos is a qualified Chartered Accountant (ACA) trained with KPMG UK, and also a licensed Investment & Asset Manager. He has studied econometrics and finance (BA Econ) at the University of Manchester, and during his career has enjoyed continuous specialized training on financial, investment and business activities, and participated in international & local conferences, lectures, and panels. He travels for business and leisure frequently. He is aged 45, married with two daughters and a keen sportsman.

Christos Akkelides 

Executive Director

Christos is a holder of a First Class Honours degree in Electrical Engineering and Electronics from UMIST, a Chartered Accountant,  a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales and the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Cyprus, and licensed as a Portfolio Manager by the CySEC.

His experience in the Financial Services industry started back in 1999 as the head of Research and Analysis of the CLR Group, one of the first Cypriot investment firms founded on the island.

Before joining the Group, he was the head of Asset Management in Egnatia Financial services, a Greek Bank subsidiary in Cyprus. Christos is currently the director of the ARGUS Group and mainly involved in the Asset Management department that manages Assets worth over 100 million euros.

Due to his mathematical, engineering, and long-lasting experience and knowledge, he is leading the team responsible for the in-house building of algorithmic strategies on underlying assets in the worldwide exchanges, including forex, commodities, equities, etc. He is actively involved in both, the execution side of the investment strategies, as well as in the promotional / business development of the Group.

Lambros Lambrou 

Forex General Manager

Lambros is a holder of an Honours degree in Law from Leeds Metropolitan University, has a professional higher Diploma in Business Administration from the Institute of Applied Management in Cyprus, and a Chartered Business Consultant from Northern Council for Further Education in the U.K. His extensive experience in the Financial Services industry while earlier having led, as the Managing Director, the Intercity Private Institute in Cyprus were a major milestone in Lambros' career.

Having worked as the Business Development Manager in (Trading Point of Financial Instruments Ltd), and the Team Leader in other global brokerage institutions, ranked among the top ten, he acquired an extensive experience in global expansion and development practices.

Moreover, his significant experience in law, having worked as a lawyer in Costas Tsirides Law Firm, while being the owner of the Forex Academy in Cyprus, the FXI Academy, in the recent past, enables Lambros to provide exceptional knowledge and expertise on Foreign Exchange Services.

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