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Major Forex firms utilize a network of Introducing Brokers (IBs) in a mutually beneficial relationship where both the brokerage and the IB benefit from promoting the brokerage's business and generating income respectively.

IB's are usually geographically dispersed into territories. ArgusFX has a  successful IB scheme that attracts the individual aiming to be their own boss while utilizing their network of contacts, wishing to use a top class Broker.


Who is suitable as IB Partner?

ArgusFX is keen to attract those with the drive to succeed in introducing clients to us through a win-win arrangement where the IB receives commissions based on the clients' activity.

Our straightforward partnership agreement provides the necessary security to both parties yet allowing flexibility to the IB and ArgusFX.


Concept Description

1. ArgusFX signs an IB partnership agreement with the “IB” and provides online training and other PR Material such as banners etc. A customer registration link is also created, assisting the IB for clients' live account registration. The IB has an online CRM portal created by the ArgusFX team for tracking client registrations and deposits.

2. The IB identifies clients through channels, private networks, and social media, such as the LinkedIn, Facebook, Business Schools, Chamber of Commerce, entrepreneur groups, and other means. The IB can promote his or her services and products as delivered by the Broker in any way that will benefit both his portfolio and ArgusFX.

3. The client registers a live trading account on our website through the link provided by the IB and may ask questions direct to the Broker or the IB. The IB may allow the Broker to act as a single point of contact for providing customer service to the client. Through this way, the IB will receive maximum support from us while continuing to drive new business.

4. Equally, the IB may choose to act as the single point of contact for all his or her clients in a customer service role. Some IBs create trading competitions, awards, and training material, and act as signal providers. Other IBs are satisfied to acts as intermediaries in generating leads for the broker.

5. Some IBs are traders too and can create trading clubs or social trading groups which also enhance income.


What are the benefits of joining the IB partnership with ArgusFx?

  • Earn extra income. Income can be continuous depending on your introduced clients' trades
  • Work for yourself at your pace and time
  • Work with a global brand and stand out as a successful entrepreneur while gaining market recognition
  • Access our Marketing Portal. Download material to create attractive websites which add genuine value for your visitors
  • Access to ArgusFX Analytics. Keep track of how many of your visitors have registered with ArgusFX, and the volumes they have traded with our Hybrid IB portal
  • Ability to withdraw rebates via various methods, excluding Credit Cards *
  • No withdrawal fees on rebates if min volume is achieved **

* For withdrawing Rebates up to $5000 any payment method is applicable, any amount above $5000 will be sent via Bank Wire.

** For monthly trading volume of minimum 300 Lots

** For lower volume, the withdrawal charges are reflected as a percentage of the minimum 300 Lots

Note: One (1) Lot on Forex / Metals or ten (10) Lots on CFDs count for 1 Lot accordingly


  • Earn every time your clients' trade
  • No dependence on your clients' success
  • Each funded account can generate income

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