Technical Market Analysis

USD/JPY strongly bullish at 115.032017-01-27

USD/JPY strongly bullish at 115.03

USD/JPY resumes on the upside, as the buyers were able to lead the pair to higher zones, from the 114.20 level to the 115.17 area. Can the bulls place greater pressures at the 115.03?

USD/CHF slightly bullish at 1.00162017-01-26

USD/CHF slightly bullish at 1.0016

USD/CHF oscillates slightly bullish since the 25th of January 2017, while the price lately trades between the range of 0.9976 and 1.0016. Can the buyers overtake the sellers at the 1.0016 area?


EUR/GBP bearish at 0.85572017-01-25

EUR/GBP bearish at 0.8557

EUR/GBP trades weaker between the range of 0.8578 and 0.8557. Can the sellers take the lead at the 0.8557 zone or will the buyers take over? Bullish retracement or bearish continuation?

GBP/USD bearish at 1.24622017-01-24

GBP/USD bearish at 1.2462

GBP/USD trades bearish, since the 24th of January 2017, with the pair's price being under constant downside pressures close to the 1.2462 area.Can the sellers resume leading the price?

USD/CAD bearish at 1.32792017-01-23

USD/CAD bearish at 1.3279

USD/CAD trades bearishly, since the 20th of January 2017, between the range of 1.3385 and 1.3268. Can the sellers take the lead at the 1.3279 zone or will the buyers take over?

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