• Live Trading With the PCT FX Robot - 1:00 PM (EET)

    Automated software scripts, known as Expert Advisors, are widely known for their ability to place trades around the clock, 24/5.

    In this webinar, the audience will have the opportunity to view the automated live trading activity of the PCT FX Robot. 


  • Advanced risk and money management (Advanced) - 4:00 PM (EET)

    The basic concepts of risk and money management are capital control, stop loss and take profit.

    Furthermore, more advanced methods can be used that can safeguard one's account balance even more.

    Through this webinar, you will learn how to apply risk and money management tactics on an advanced level for optimum capital control.

  • Automated Class Trading Strategy - 7:00 PM (EET)

    In this webinar, you will be introduced to Dr. Freidrichowshki's automated Class Trading Strategy. 

    You can open an account, or deposit funds, and follow this strategy, thus achieving and maintaining consistency.

    This webinar is one not to be missed!


  • Risk and money management basics (Intermediates) - 4:00 PM (EET)

    Apart from your strategy, your psychology, and mindset, the major factor for your trading success is risk and money management.

    Without risk and money management the probabilities of profitability diminish dramatically.

    This webinar will introduce to you the basics of risk and money management.

  • Major pitfalls traders fall into and how to overcome them (Beginners)- 4:00 PM (EET)

    Isn't it strange why a small percentage of traders are successful whereas the majority loses?

    All traders fall into major pitfalls that bring them back to the beginners cycle, over and over again.

    In this webinar, you will be introduced to the most common pitfalls traders fall into and how to avoid them.

Risk Warning:CFDs are complex leveraged products and involve a high level of risk. 63% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should ensure that you understand the risks involved and that you can afford the possible risk of losing all your money. Seek independent advice if necessary.

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