Asset Management

Asset Management with low risk

Asset Management is vital. Before a client decides to use Portfolio Management services on a discretionary basis, where such portfolios include one or more Financial Instruments, should consider the following:

Asset Management: Managing your assets

  • What are the total funds available for investment? The derived figure comes from one's personal assessment, such as profile, needs, and wealth
  • The second step is Asset Allocation of funds. Investors need to be consulted by regulated companies on Asset Management to allocate better their funds for investment
  • Diversification is the most important rule for any portfolio, not keeping all your eggs in one basket. Every portfolio should be comprised of Cash, Stocks, Bonds and Alternative investments, weighted accordingly. Weighing the portfolio on the asset classes mentioned above depends on the projections on different asset classes' performance versus risk, and the state of the economy. One of the smaller allocation parts of the portfolio should be the asset class 'Alternative Investments', but this always depends on an investor’s profile, risk appetite, and tolerance
  • Trading leveraged products, such as futures, options, CFDs, and foreign exchange, is considered to be one of the riskiest parts of any portfolio. These products are categorized as Alternative Investments Assets
  • Managed Accounts: These are the type of accounts that are managed by an investment company, with proper license and after the investor's signature on the relevant Asset management agreement. By signing an Asset Management agreement, the investor authorizes an Asset Manager or Multiple Asset managers (licensed and regulated entities) to manage his or her portfolio or parts of it (e.g. Stocks, bonds, cash, alternative investments)
  • We offer prime services, as we collaborate with licensed and regulated Investment companies, to provide these type of managed account investments. This setup separates the brokerage’s division from Asset Management and guarantees that there is no conflict when implementing both, brokerage services and Asset Management
  • Clients need to pass a suitability test where they fill out a risk profile and investment questionnaire. This test takes place through the review of the Asset management agreement guided by our qualified personnel


    • The approved clients must agree and sign the following documentation:


    • Portfolio Services agreement
    • Power of Attorney
    • MiFID account opening form
Trading Investment Services - Asset Management
The above questionnaire is for informative purposes only, as it helps the investors to interpret the risks incurred before finalizing any Asset Management agreement.

Risk Warning:CFDs are complex leveraged products and involve a high level of risk. 63% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should ensure that you understand the risks involved and that you can afford the possible risk of losing all your money. Seek independent advice if necessary.

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