MT4 for MAC

MT4 for MAC offers a native MT4 experience on OS X computers 

Installation + User Guide

Installation is pretty seamless, but if you will face problems refer to this documents for help.

Using Expert Advisors

To learn how to install EAs for your MT4 on your Mac, refer to this guide.

MT4 for MAC: User Guide

The installation, usage, and Expert Advisor features, as well as the uninstallation process of the MetaTrader 4 on MAC, is simple.


To install MT4 for MAC, find the installer you have downloaded earlier, the "ArgusFX MT4.dmg". Likely it can be located in your "Downloads" folder. Launch the installer and drag the "ArgusFX" icon to "Applications" to install our MT4 app on your MAC.

Launch from Applications, Launchpad or via Spotlight by typing "ArgusFX". Once the app launches, feel free to move it around in the Dock so it sticks, after being closed, and you will be able to launch it from there.

Tip: Your MAC should download apps from "Everywhere", even though this is not the default option. Most users usually opt in for it so maybe it is already set for you.

In case you will have problems during the installation process go to System Preferences -> Security & Privacy -> General tab -> select "Anywhere" in "Allow apps download from" setting.


Below are a few clarifications on the usability of the MT4 platform for MACs. The functionality is practically similar to the Windows version with some minor differences that you should keep in mind.


The CMD button function is triggered by the CTRL button when you are using MT4 for MAC.

Automatic updates

The software updates automatically similarly to the way its Windows counterpart does. When in updates, the terminal shuts down without notification. Just open the app again and continue trading with the updated version of the terminal.

To check your terminal's current version go to Help -> About.

Using Expert Advisors on your MT4 MAC

It is possible to install Expert Advisors (EAs), indicators and scripts with ArgusFX for MAC.

To do so, you have to access file structure of the MetaTrader 4. Go to Applications, right click on the ArgusFX terminal and click "Show Package Contents".

Installing an EA on MT4 for MAC

Once you're in, navigate further to "/drive_c/Program Files/ArgusFX MetaTrader 4 Terminal/MQL4/". Then go to the folder of interest, for example, /Indicators or /Experts to install your customer indicator or Expert Advisor.

The EA installed on MT4 for MAC

Once you have placed the needed files in the necessary folder (as per the instructions of the respective indicator / EA / script), open (or restart) MetaTrader 4 on your MAC and you should now see your new EA installed.


To uninstall MetaTrader 4 for MAC, just follow the same steps as you would do so with any other MAC application. Spot your app in the Applications folder, right-click on it and click "Move to Trash". Alternatively, you can drag and drop it on your Dock Trash bin.

Advantages over "virtual machine"

The financial markets are complex enough without the pain of non-user friendly platform setups. For the longest time, MAC users were alienated because most platforms are only available on Windows PCs. Running the MetaTrader 4 within a simulated environment can only be done via installing windows emulators, similar to Parallels, adding a lot of friction, especially to novice traders.

Our solutions offer a user-friendly installation experience that enables the clients to focus on their trading rather than to becoming a technological wizard.

Known problems

There are no known problems though when running the ArgusFX MetaTrader 4 terminal on your MAC.

Keep in mind: Our MetaTrader 4 on Mac solution is working using an emulated Windows environment. While having performed extensive tests, and believe that it is completely safe to trade, you should first consider trading on a Demo account to ensure that it runs smoothly before opting for live trading.

Risk Warning:CFDs are complex leveraged products and involve a high level of risk. 63% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should ensure that you understand the risks involved and that you can afford the possible risk of losing all your money. Seek independent advice if necessary.

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