Trade Audit Trail


Trade Audit Trail is the ultimate tool for tracking your orders' data

Trade Audit Trail is the complete FX solution for our clients at minimum cost and maximum efficiency. Our STP service inevitably couldn’t be more transparent with this ultimate trading tool.

ArgusFX pioneering business model has three pillars, innovation, transparency, and integrity. Our team of experts thrives in providing you with a top-notch level of transparency for your trades. 

The innovative electronic systems that we use bring you a ''breath away'' from your liquidity provider.

Trade Audit Trail: Your tool to transparency

Trade Audit Trail is a step-by-step record for tracing your trading data to the liquidity provider. As a partner, you can use this method to reconstruct your trades as to the validity or accuracy of a transaction.

The clients can view the settlement of their orders via the Audit Trail and track the liquidity providers that received the orders.

To qualify for a Trade Audit Trail, our clients need to fulfil the following criteria:

Trade Audit Trail Service

  • $20,000 
  • Up to 1:200
  • From 1 lot
  • From 0 pips
  • 0.3 pips
  • Market Execution
  • YES
  • Optional
  • Allowed
  • From 0.01 lot
  • ArgusFX-Live
  • 10539
  • ArgusFX12345

Trade Audit Trail Pro Account holders receive most of our Pro Account benefits, including access to Market Analysis data

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